Monday, November 30, 2009

Bushy Park

G'day All,
We've been celebrating here - good rain at last. We've had two nice events that have given us 65mm. This all happened a few hours after the greens were cored, as though planned. The course dam is close to full.

How best to celebrate? Why, go birding of course!

There has been a report that the Rainbow Bee-eaters have arrived in the district. Bushy Park is their old haunt, so that's where I headed yesterday but I drew a blank. The river bank has been modified to some degree since I last saw the birds there.

A young Brown Falcon was working the scrub as I walked along. The smaller birds were scrambling for cover as he came wheeling in. For a moment he perched on a nearby dead tree and eyed me off and probably thought, "Too old and leathery".

It was a very pleasant wander along the bank of the Avon. Whistlers, Wrens, Cuckoos and Yellow-faced Honey-eaters were ducking and diving and all the while old Ben, (almost volcano- like), was brooding in the background.

A quick flash ahead caught my eye and as I stalked it down, I discovered it was a Willie Wagtail. I was about to drop the glasses and realised that this was a common bird I had yet to get a decent photograph of. Still haven't!

A little further on there was a commotion in the low scrub that could only be a family of White-browed Scrub-wrens having a squabble. Bit of a favourite, the 'scrubbies', so I watched the performance through the glasses for a while. They didn't seem to be too aware of my presence so I crept around for a better angle and some cover. I find them notoriously difficult to get an open view of, as they flit rapidly through the undergrowth. Eventually they came into view on an exposed branch. Quick, click, click, click... Again, click... Check the screen. Lots of blurred brown patches as they exited the field of view, but I did manage one or two worth saving.

No Bee-eaters but! What was the title of that previous blog?


  1. Rain! Beautiful rain! Glad you got a good amount. We have had 16 mm since last night which is fantastic!
    Great photos of the Scrub-wrens. They are very hard to see let alone photograph!

  2. G'day Mick,
    Yep, we got lucky with the rain and with the scrubbies.

  3. Mind you, you never need a reason to go birding.

    Nice pics!

  4. That is so true Mosura, but life/work sometimes just gets in the way.