Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Urticating Caterpillar

So called because it can 'urt?

DF and I came across this 'Chinese Junk' or Cup Moth caterpillar today while we were orchid hunting around Moe - more of the orchid stuff shortly.

There are several different cup moth species that feed on eucalypts and they can vary in colour and size. The spines, (or urticating / irritating hairs), on the body can inflict a sting rather like a nettle.

There is some interesting information here that is worth reading, from the University of Sydney department of Medical Entomology regarding the effects of stings from these glorious looking creatures.


  1. Very impressive - never seen one of those!

  2. Very nice looking caterpillar love the colours.

  3. Matthew is fascinated with caterpillars at the moment - thanks to the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" book. Hope he doesn't find one of these - he invariably brings them to me in the palm of his hand. He can't quite get his mouth around "caterpillar" though, his version is more lovely - "pitterpatter"