Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple Diuris Survey

G'day All,
Today it was my turn to check out the orchids in the 'Long Paddock' at Longford. After Duncan returned from there yesterday, he emailed me to say, "The horkids were up". Glen and I needed to go to Sale, so we swung on by the Rosedale - Longford Rd on the way home.

I know the location well, but we couldn't have missed it today ...

The Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists accompanied by Peter from Vicroads, were surveying the Purple Diuris. The group had completed two other sites nearby as we arrived, and the numbers were up to several thousand! I thought this was pretty good, but they told me that not too many seasons ago they had totals of 15 thousand plus. The good news was though, that of recent times the number and range of the plant seemed to be on the increase.

There seemed to be some variety in the depth of colour, but they were all pretty stunning. Peter from Vicroads even pointed out an all white version...

Just to round off the brief stop nicely for Glen and I, there was some of one of my favourites in flower too, the Running Postman.

I was intigued a little by the presence of Peter from Vicroads. He in fact is the Environmental Officer for the region and he explained to me the rather active role that Vicroads plays in protecting significant roadside vegetation areas. Here's a link to the 'Biodiversity Page' of their website where you can read heaps of guidelines under such headings as Protecting Trees, Protecting Natural Regeneration, Minimising Mowing and Slashing, Avoid 'Tidying Up' Vegetation, etc.

It was a particularly dull and grey afternoon, resulting in the numerous Salmon Sun Orchids remaining closed. Can't have everything I suppose - just gotta go back for another visit!


  1. Lovely flowers and great that the road side is surveyed for any special vegetation. I like your 'excuse' for another visit!

  2. Hi Gouldiae
    I saw some of these yesterday, just starting to flower (up here on the plateau is a delayed flowering season, it seems).
    Great shots and LOVE the white one. Very special.
    It is what they call an "alba" form, as the stem is very pale green. A virtual albino. Never seen one of them in a Diuris before.
    I got a few Pink Sun Orchids myself, on the warm days of the last weekend.
    So many Orchids at present, it is hard work keeping up.

  3. Hi Gouldiae
    I have posted my Purple Diuris images now.
    I linked to your and to Duncan's posts about them too.