Sunday, October 25, 2009

Near Rosedale

Yesterday the sun was out, so it was the ideal opportunity to return to the Rosedale - Longford Rd spot to see the Salmon Sun Orchids.

When Glen and I were there last week, one of the field nats gave us the 'heads up' on a bit of bush closer to Rosedale, where there was a chance for some Ruddyhoods to be still in flower.

I hadn't seen one of these, so I managed to locate the spot and get some shots. While I was prone on the ground struggling with camera settings, there was a scratching sound from the large tree right behind me. After getting some acceptable Ruddyhood images, I checked the tree and discovered a largish Lace Monitor in the upper reaches.

I'm rather pleased that while I was lying on the ground in his territory, he didn't mistake me for an invading competitor!


  1. Beautiful flowers and the first photo shows just how many of them there were right there. Great!

  2. Beautiful flowers and a nice set of claws on that Lace Monitor.

  3. Lovely pics of some delightful little orchids Gouldiae. I enjoyed the story of your discovery of the Lace Monitor!

  4. G'day Mick, Neil and Boobook,
    Thanks for looking in. Yep it was a nice afternoon - perhaps I could have done with a few less mozzies. Small price to pay, but!

  5. G'day Barbara,
    Yes, he was a decent size. Glad he opted for the tree. When I need to get down on the ground for a pic, I tend to think of ants, perhaps other orchids, etc, but generally I don't wonder if there is a goanna nearby!

  6. Hi Gouldiae.
    Glad you got your Red Sun Orchids to open for you.
    I got my Pink ones, last week.
    Now, as for your Ruddyhoods, once again I am jealous of your finds. I am on a promise to be shown some later this week. But at this moment, I have never seen one of that group.
    Looks like Pterostylis squamata Borrow your wife's copy of Jeanes and Backhouse and check P. 132.
    Labellum is a perfect match for your plant, complete with spiky hairs.

  7. G'day Denis,
    Yes, I think it is squamata too. I had Jeanes and Backhouse in the ute with me on the day but I have a terrible habit of not checking the flower or the image on the camera closely while I'm on the spot. I didn't notice the hairy labellum until I had the pic on the computer that night. I was just satisfied it was a 'ruddy'. (DF always puts his glasses on and double checks his subject before firing away). Half of the Sun Orchid shots I got that day were of a flower with one petal curled over a bit too. Lesson learned - hopefully!
    Regards and thanks,