Friday, October 2, 2009

Greening Gippsland - A Great Project!

G’day All,
On Thursday, Duncan and I spent an interesting 4 to 5 hours with Martin from Greening Australia.

Martin is conducting a biodiversity project that is focused on restoring some of the native vegetation in this Gippsland region. He has targeted some selected pockets of private land and a number of roadside reserves that once regenerated, will provide some wonderful wildlife corridors.

The landscape is currently very open and windswept, with pockets of the original Forest Redgums dotted throughout. With the co-operation of a number of land-holders Martin is aiming to fence off areas, eradicate the weeds and exotic grasses, and replant with indigenous species of wildflowers, shrubs and trees.

In many spots, the existing canopy is already providing ideal habitat for a few bird species. Striated Pardalotes were 'widdiupping' in good number and this Chough was quite content with the situation....

The owners of the land are being encouraged to leave fallen trees and limbs on the ground so providing habitat for terrestrial fauna...

In a few spots there were some very old trees that were riddled with hollows both small and large...

Some of the old road reserves dividing the properties were in wonderful condition, with a good mix of trees, native grasses and wildflowers...

Martin asked If Duncan and I would be inclined to do some bird surveys in some of the localities as a means of judging any measure of improvement to the biodiversity of the blocks over time. We considered the proposal for about a millisecond and said yes. We looked at three suitable sites and the aim is to do some regular surveys to see what takes place. Birds Australia has been advised and our results will be forwarded.

If you would like to read some more about this excellent project, click here to get an interactive map of Australia, then click on the 'Greening Gippsland' biodiversity button.


  1. It sounds great! Good luck with it. I love those woodland photos!

  2. Nice pic's G. Good Luck with the project. I'm sure you'll have fun.

  3. Routine surveys so often turn up the totally unexpected. Good luck!

  4. Thanks All,
    We're both looking forward to a successful program.