Friday, September 11, 2009

Job With a View

G'day All,
Today DF took me east to show me his 'Boronia Patch'. For some time now he's been promising me a trip to see just about a once in a lifetime, (for me), collection of unusual mountain plants.

Mt Elizabeth Nature Conservation Reserve is situated north-east of Bruthen, about 60 km from Bairnsdale.

When we pulled up at the base of the helipad, there were two workers from a large environmental management group who were about to do the final steep kilometre on foot. The track was a little greasy and four wheel driving the last bit could have been dicey. We all set off more or less together, as Duncan said the first rare plant he wanted to show me, the Outcrop Guinea-flower, only grew right on the top!

We made it and while we were catching our breath, Pat and Jules began recording the rainfall for the last 3 months.

The men began downloading the information from the device while Duncan scouted about for the plant. I just couldn't take my eyes from the view.

Job done, laptop in the backpack, back down to the vehicle and on to the next spot.

I thought I'd better catch up with Duncan and sure enough he'd located the plant. Apparently this helipad is the only place in Victoria that it survives.

The very rare, (in Victoria), Outcrop Guinea-flower.

Wow for the plant! Wow for the view! Some job eh? Thanks for the company and friendly banter Pat and Jules. Hope the rest of your day went well - mine certainly did and some more details will follow shortly. (Keep an eye on DF's Ben Cruachan Blog for more detailed info and quality pics).

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  1. Wow, indeed! Definitely worth the effort to get up there!