Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Choughs are Re-building.

A few days back I reported on a family of Choughs that were 'testing' an old nest in a Yellow Box in the car-park of the golf course. A day or two later, I was dismayed to see the nest missing and discovered it in pieces on the ground under the tree ...

That's the end of that thinks I. Checking the locality a little later, I found them re-building about fifty metres further on. Here's the start ...

A couple of days later ...

Some project. Determined blighters. I hope something comes of this effort, I'm barracking for them.


  1. I hope they manage to avoid the predators this time. Any idea what 'got at' the nest last time?

  2. looks like ol' Father Time huffed and puffed and down came the old. You'll be chuffed they've started anew.

  3. G'day Mick,
    No, not sure why/how it ended up on the ground. No wind to speak of. Might have just been old. When I first noticed them all trying it out, I wondered if they were testing it. Would they be that smart?

    Oh Tony,
    Huffed Puffed and 'Chuffed' indeed. Love your work!

  4. Hard at work on a new home. Watch out for the golf balls.

  5. G'day Dave,
    That's a good point. The right handed hookers, (if you'll forgive the term), and leftie slicers will often put their ball out there. I can vouch for that, being in the latter category!

  6. Nice set of Chough pictures. These are interesting birds to watch.

  7. Hi Gouldiae,

    we recently checked on a White-winged Chough nest that was used last year, only to find it fallen apart. We surveyed the area, and sure enough, they had built a new nest in the next tree along the roadside verge.

    There were heads and tails sticking out of the nest everywhere, and when the adult birds came to feed, it was bedlam. It was so entertaining to stand back and watch this activity - warming to the heart!

    I hope your Choughs successfully nest.