Monday, August 17, 2009

Striated Thornbill

G'day Blogworld,
I'm helping out with the Bug Blitz program at The Heart Morass tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. I'll probably post something about it later - basically it is a nature based program for primary students and it's good stuff. (After that sentence I reckon I could probably do with some primary education myself).

Anyway, today I ducked over to the site near Sale to check out the possibilities of things to see and point out to the kids. The swamp is dry at present and you can walk amongst reed beds that are normally surrounded by water so we might not have to stick to the walking track. Might be good.

It was windy today and I didn't hold out much hope of any exciting sightings or decent images. However, one effect of the wind was to force a small colony of Striated Thornbills down to just a few metres above ground. These little LBJ's are normally flitting about in the very upper reaches of the huge Red Gums that line the morass and river banks and their size, constant movement and height above ground can make identification and photography a real challenge.

Some days you just get lucky.


  1. Happy blitzin' with the kids. (Can they be called little buggers for the 3 days?)