Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signs of Spring

G'day All,
There has been a bit of action on the course that seems to indicate we might get a Spring after all. I was beginning to wonder.

Suddenly the Finger Orchids have appeared. There is a nice little colony of blues, pinks and whites directly in front of the ladies 17th tee. They appear in this spot each year despite the regular mowing by the rough-cutter and that the ground is like concrete.
One of the Cyaniculas even had a Flower Wasp, (I think), in attendance.
(Note: Common Hover Fly - Melangyna viridiceps. Thanks Denis and John)

There was a cacophany of Rainbow Lorikeet squabbling coming from high up in one of the big box trees near the 5th green. I didn't think there was a lot of flower on these trees and on checking it out, they were arguing over a nest hollow.
I often bemoan the fact we don't get many small birds on the course, and yet lately we haven't done too bad - Robins, Sitellas, the odd Pardalote. I was mowing some surrounds today and a quick brown flash down low in some scrub caught my eye. On investigation I came across a small colony of Brown Thornbills. A wonderful first for some time. I hope they stick around despite the best efforts of the resident bully boy Noisy Miners. (Just happened to have the camera with me too - hah!).All is not lost.


  1. Nice post Gouldiae, I have not encountered any of the Finger Orchids. They don't seem to extend this far north. But they are attractive flowers but look a bit of a nightmare to ID?

  2. Hi Gouldiae
    Wow, Finger Orchids already. I shall have to start searching my regular haunts - to keep a watch out for them here.
    Your insect might be a Hover Fly (which like visiting flowers, but I am not sure if they do the wicked thing in the same way as Wasps do). It is certainly a Fly of some description, judging by the pair of short antennae.
    Wasps tend to have long antennae.
    I have not yet found the Cyanicula.
    Jealousy is creeping up on me.

  3. Those little orchids are beautiful. Hope you got some rain out of the most recent systems that have been disturbing the south.

  4. G'day Barbara, Denis & Mick.
    The fingers can be hard to ID Barbara. I don't really try very hard - just love them for their beauty, (and hardiness).

    Yes Denis, they do seem a little early. Think I heard a guy from the Botanical Gardens in Sydney say we need to rethink our seasons nowadays. He actually felt we had 6 seasons and wanted to call two new ones sprummer and sprinter! You are spot on with the Hover Fly - Melangyna viridiceps I think.

    We are in a real shadow regarding rain here Mick. We see it coming on the radar and even in the sky to the west, and it splits and goes along the ranges to the north or heads south along the coast. We've only had a few mm out of the systems that have been coming through. BOM is promising some for the weekend - fingers crossed.

    Regards all,

  5. Most interesting, I'm posting about fall and you're posting about spring.