Thursday, August 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

G'day Bloggers,
Here's three events that have taken place on the golf course in the last couple of days...

Musk Lorikeets:
There was a tree full of musks kicking up a considerable din in the rain on Monday. When I went to investigate I found they were relishing the precipitation and having a right old spring clean of the plumage. The light was terrible, but if you click and open this image, you'll see what I mean.

Gang Gang Cockatoos:
A pair of gang-gangs were feasting in a Bushy Yate. While the female lacks the striking flame coloured crest of the male, I love the tan barring on her belly. Gang-gangs seem to always cooperate for the camera.

Darter:This guy has been about for a week or so now. The stump he is standing on is in a direct line between the 18th tee and green. If you fluff your tee shot the ball will invariably end up in the water near the stump. I haven't seen the bird dodge any mishit shots yet, but I'm guessing he's seen a few splashes. He has a mechanical clicking alarm note that sounds a bit like 'tch tch'. (Quite appropriate for some of my tee shots).


  1. All lovely photos. I especially like the lorikeets in the rain. They look rather like tattered feather dusters hung out to dry!

  2. G'day Mick,
    They were luvin' it. The tree was full of them. I was parked under a large umbrella, trying to follow the advice of, "Don't put your camera away when it's raining". Uhm, despite the umbrella, me and the camera did get a little wet.

  3. Hello Gouldiae,

    what fabulous birds you have been able to share your space with, and you have had rain? well, lucky you!

    Your photos are excellent, and a joy to view. Thank you.

    I have not observed any of these birds up close, so this has been a treat.


  4. G'day Gaye,
    Thanks for calling in. Yep, we got a whole 10mm. Been quite some time since we've had that much in one event, (and Gippsland used to be thought of as wet!).

  5. Awesome photos, Gouldiae!

    I've never seen Gang Gang Cockatoos in the wild. They look so cool :)
    Haven't seen Darters in a while either.
    Thanks for sharing and
    Best regards!

  6. My boyhood pocket money came from balls found on North Shore (Auckland) golf courses. Birds then were merely part of scenery. Darter's pool looks tempting for a barefoot wader!

  7. G'day Nickolay and Tony,
    Gang-gangs inhabit the surrounds and suburbs of Sydney I feel sure Nickolay. If you're walking through a park or garden and can hear a gate swinging on it's rusty hinges, that'll be them.
    Think we had similar boyhoods Tony, but I guess a lot of boys did that. Nowadays we retrieve them when the water is low, with the help of another species - the Long Brown Rake!

  8. G'day Gouldiae,
    I will keep my ears wide open for those rusty hinges :D Hope some day to come across one! For now I have your photos to enjoy :)