Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mitchell River National Park

The Mitchell River just east of us here, is often described as one of the last 'wild' rivers in Victoria. Even the lower reaches where I had a wander yesterday, are a joy to visit.

The area is not a drawcard to just birdwatchers. While I was there, several groups of rafters went by. (Note for Ros: It was OEG).

There are those who want to dam the Mitchell and turn it into another Gippsland drain - but don't start me. I think the four people in the above image would be on my side.

The birds were quiet, which seems to be situation normal around here at present. A pair of Brown Thornbills nesting, Peregrine Falcons being faithful to an area where we have seen them before, Lewin's Honeyeater, Eastern Yellow Robin, Golden Whistlers, were probably the highlights, none of which cooperated for the camera.

A couple of Superb Fairy-wrens did pose for a moment though.

I also managed an acceptable shot of one of my favourites, the little Red-browed Finch.

Despite the lack of birds, it was very pleasant to wander through some wonderful scenery. I also located a couple of tracks and gullies that will be worth a return visit to check out more thouroughly - funny that!


  1. Iam with you about the river and the Superb Fairy-wrens are beautiful.

  2. It sounds like a lovely place. I really like the way you have caught the sheen on the river in the first photo. The rafting looks very exciting - and nice birds too.

  3. Hi Gouldiae
    In another part of my life, I am a co-coordinator of the Australian Water Network - we campaign for rivers amongst other things.
    So, I am with you re the Mitchell River.
    Nice bird photos by the way.

  4. G'day Denis,
    Yep, thought this entry might strike a chord with you. Looks like our 'water footprint' might be the next carbon issue. And I see this morning that if we had a spare $450 million, we could buy Cubbie station and perhaps save the Murray-Darling!

  5. It certainly is a lovely part of the world. Can't say I'd be all that keen to be rafting in the middle of winter though - think I'm a bit soft for that these days!