Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heyfield Birdwatchers - August Excursion

G'day Birdwatchers,
This morning, the Heyfield Birdwatchers enjoyed some beautiful weather and wonderful birds right on our doorstep at Bellbird Corner Reserve, Maffra. While the list didn’t include much out of the ordinary, (and it looks as though the Red-capped Robin has moved on from the area), we saw a big variety of local species.

We saw plenty of evidence of birds contemplating their nesting locations for the coming breeding season, including Rainbow Lorikeets, Eastern Rosellas and Australian Shellducks. We wish them luck.
Rainbow Lorikeets at a hollow, Macalister River Park, Maffra.

Australian Shellduck near a hollow just outside Heyfield.

Golden Whistlers, Yellow Thornbills, White-browed Scrubwrens, Eastern Spinebills, Whistling Kites were among some of the best views we got, but there were plenty more.

Yellow Thornbill Macalister River Park, Maffra.

White-browed Scrubwren, Bellbird Cnr reserve, Maffra.

And, on the way home there was a pair of Crested Pigeons on the side of the road, a bird that although it has widespread distribution, is meant to be largely absent from this corner of Victoria. Sightings do seem to be on the increase around here.

Crested Pigeon. Out of it's range? Heyfield.

Yet another enjoyable and memorable birding day.



  1. Good one mate, but you kept the crested pigeons to yourself, I won't forget!

  2. All lovely birds - but that photo of the Thornbill on the wattle is spectacular!

  3. Nice colourful outing! Also looks much warmer down your way.

  4. G'day DF,
    Yeah, just on the side of the road, right in town. I've spotted a single bird on one or two occasions, but this was a pair.
    G'day Mick,
    Yep, that was a lucky one. Didn't have an acceptable image of a Yellow Thornbill before today either.
    G'day Tony,
    Don't be mislead by the clear sky backgrounds. I don't think we got our coats off till just after lunch. Just had a phone call from N&J on Magnetic Island. They are two keen birdos who usually join us and N wanted to know what sort of day we'd had. I told her, then she said she'd hand fed the Lorikeets, said good morning to the Bush Stone-curlews that reside in the yard of their unit, then she went for a swim. I hung up at that point!

  5. Hi Gouldiae
    That new lens of yours is working wa treat.
    Great shots.
    Crested Pigeons are undergoing a population explosion (moving from the dry inland - along with Corellas, and following Galahs, which led the way about 30 years before them).
    We have them in Robertson, but only along the railway line (following the grain trains). That's a narrow habitat, isn't it?
    Rainbow Lorikeets have spread along the coast from Sydney south.
    I had a friend who first officially reported a Rainbow Lorikeet in Melbourne in late 1950s.

  6. G'day Denis,
    Yes, interesting to keep note of the population movements. We settled in this area in the 1950's and I don't recall seeing a Rainbow Lorikeet back then, maybe the odd occasional sighting. Common as mud now!
    Corellas are here too, mixed in with the Sulphur-crested Cockies. They've been in Maffra, just 15minutes away, for some time - and there is a grain store in Maffra.
    In my book, they're all welcome.