Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bug Blitz at The Heart Morass

G'day All,
Just a quick look at the first couple of days with the kids from the local Primary Schools involved in the Bug Blitz program at The Heart. I'll post something with more details about 'Bug Blitz' shortly.

"We're going for a walk along this bushy and swampy track. We want you to stay on the track and behind me, because..."

Tiger Snake beside the track, (story later).

"Sean the snake handler has got some native animals that he will show you and let you handle gently."

Bearded Dragon

"Did you all hear that bird call beside the track? Wasn't that beautiful? Let's see if we can spot the bird."

Grey Shrike-thrush that 'performed' for all the groups.

"Peter, a little bird is calling from those reeds."
"That sounds like a Brown Thornbill, I'll try to take his picture later."

Brown Thornbill

"What have you found there under that bit of bark? Well, you tell me if it's an insect, a spider or a crustacean. See if you can count its legs. Why is it under the bark? Could any other animal or bird get at it?"

Ron having flashbacks

"How old do you think this Red Gum tree is? I'll give you a clue, it's older than me. Why are old trees with hollows important?"

Rainbow Lorikeet popped out from its hollow for every group

I'm having great fun - and sleeping well. The kids had 5 other activities to do besides Ron's 'nature and biodiversity walk'. I'm guessing many of them slept well too. One day to go - can't wait.


  1. Congrats on planning a great program! I'm sure the kids are loving it. Pretty sure they would be if they saw some snakes!

  2. Looks like a true educational program Gouldiae.
    Well done.

  3. G'day Mick & Denis,
    Yep, it was very successful, (read 'rewarding and tiring' and not just for the kids!).
    I wasn't a planner, just a voluntary helper. I'll explain later. I will pass on your comments to those concerned, and John is/has probably read this too.

  4. Love the photo of the thornbill. You can't keep an old teacher down, can you?

  5. G'day Ros,
    Ron said to say enough of the 'old', and did you perhaps mean 'former'? He also said to say hello to you and your sister. Des S was there too - bit like a reunion.
    Yeah, got a bit lucky with the
    Thornbill. Been chasing them for a while and it finally paid off. They move so darn quick.

  6. Thanks to everyone who didn't mind having a video camera poked at them. The events were informative and at times exhilarating. some of those moments are on the video.And watching the kids; excitement.....!

    Eugene Schlusser