Monday, July 13, 2009

The Long and the Short Of It!

Yesterday, a very few members of the Heyfield Birdwatchers journeyed to East Gippsland to try and see some birds. Are you detecting a note of disillusionment already? The heading to this entry refers to the distance of the road trip and the size of the list of bird sightings - in that order unfortunately.
The trestle railway bridge over Stony Creek was nearly the highlight of the day. This old bridge built in the early 1900's largely from Ironbark logs, has a span of 276m and a height of 19m.

The above shot was taken on an earlier excursion and gives some idea of its relative height. This link to the Museum Victoria site shows an image of the bridge under construction - not a bulldozer or crane in sight. Quite a feat.

As I said, the birds were very quiet. A few whistlers, some common honeyeaters, an Eastern Yellow Robin, a White-bellied Sea Eagle, etc was the sort of day we had. The Eastern Spinebill below provided us with a photographic opportunity at least...

Thankfully, both the weather and the company were top class and of course, it's always nice to be out and about. Perhaps it will be better luck with the birds next month. Heres hoping.


  1. The bridge is an amazing structure and certainly shows the durability of timber. re the birds - maybe your birds have come up here for the winter :-) A friend on the Sunshine Coast said they saw an Eastern Spinebill the other day. btw - why are the feathers all fluffed up?

  2. G'day Mick,
    Dunno what the fluffed up feathers were about. Wasn't particularly cold. Watched the bird for some minutes and the feathers were normal most of the time. Beaut little bird, and one of those we often hear before we see them around here.

  3. The bridge look good for its age. Hope the next trip is short with a long list of birds.

  4. Looks like the Spinebill is wearing its winter coat! Perhaps it was feeling the cold and needed to fluff up its feathers - lovely photo Gouldiae.

  5. What a gorgeous trestle. I love checking them out when I travel.