Thursday, July 16, 2009


Just down the road from home is a little bit of bush that has a few plants of the rather scarce Golden Grevillea, (Grevillea chrysophaea). This plant is endemic to Victoria and only appears in a few limited areas around the state. I check the ones nearby from time to time and this year they've had a bit of a struggle with the continuing dry conditions. Thought I'd cruise by today.

The resident 'roos in the paddock next door were keeping a close eye on me in case that thing I was holding was a gun, not a camera.I was also being watched from overhead by some cockies.I started seeing some of the grevilleas and was looking out for a plant that might have managed to develop a few flowers. I could see they were trying to flower but were obviously finding conditions a bit tough.

Then I came across some discarded rubbish. This happens a bit in this bit of bush, as the local tip is only a kilometre down the road. What do you do with your load of rubbish if you've missed the opening time at the tip? Why, you just trundle down the road, into the bush a bit and chuck it out for free! That large bit of white plastic sheet in the background was wrapped around one of the grevillea plants.I backed the ute down the track and gingerly loaded the mess in. Then I started looking about for some flower heads and managed to find some, even amongst the plastic.I say again, ARRGGHH!


  1. My sympathy. But, what to do? The big stick hasn't worked anywhere. Wonder if carrots - and lateral thinking - might be better, based on 100% waste recycling plants now operating in one or two US cities.

  2. I agree, ARGH! I believe they have relatives in my area.

  3. What stinkers! (That's the expurgated version.)

    Beautiful grevillea.

  4. Definitely ARRGGHH! I do not understand the mentality that thinks all the bush is a rubbish tip! I came across something similar out at Inskip Point the other day. Nice photos of the flowers!

  5. It is such a disappointment to find, all too often, our precious natural environment being abused. Good on you for picking up the rubbish Gouldiae!
    The Grevillea must be quite a hardy native if it is still managing some flowers in your extreme dry conditions. Have your tried growing it from seed?

  6. G'day All,
    Yeah, I thought there might have been some like thinkers out there. I reckon you might be on the right track Tony. Education of the kids has a role to play too I feel.