Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Bloomin' Cold ...

... around here at the moment.

G'day All,
There's a mass of cold air coming up from the Southern Ocean, and although there is sunshine at present, it's freezing - or do I just feel it more these days?

A decent low pressure system is sitting just south east of us and the clockwise air movement is dragging up the cold air.

The satellite image shows the speckled cloud indicating a cold air mass.

The Age reports we are due for more, with a viciously cold night forecast for tonight.

The morning walk was barely enough to warm me up. I was stopping frequently though. Despite the chill, a few birds were still keen to pose for a photograph.

Ah, now I feel better, but I am glad the woodshed is full!



  1. Nice shot of the kooka Gouldiae, anyone would think that you had a new camera. ;-)

  2. Stay warm even the kookaburra looks cold.

  3. Well you didn't have to send it this far north did you? The forecast for up here says it will be 19 if we're lucky tomorrow - brrr!

  4. If it's any consolation, Gouldiae, it's cold here too, and I'm almost at the Tropic!

  5. Yeah, yeah, DF. I'm starting to work it out. Bloomin' lot of buttons though!
    Thanks Neil, we're working on it.
    19 Mick! 19? That's a heat wave you lucky thing. I think we just struggled into double figures today - for about 10 minutes.
    Yep Bronwen, I reckon you might have to put on a 'cardy'.
    Regards all,
    Gouldiae, (Brrrrr)

  6. Yes that Kooka definitely looks cold. Its cool here too but then I'm just next to the screen door - we only close the sliding glass when its really cold! There is a downside to this tropical bliss Gouldiae and they are called mosquitoes but life needs a balance doesn't it... so I rarely complain about them.

  7. Hi again Gouldiae, so please tell the rest of us! What is the new camera? I went and looked at the photo of the kookaburra to see if that would tell me but you had stripped off the exif data :-( Sooooo! Please!!!!!

  8. Barbara - you can keep your mozzies. We have our share here in the summer.

    Mick - Damn that Duncan for letting the cat out of the bag. I was going to let readers think I'd suddenly learned how to take an acceptable photo. Ah, it's an Olympus E520 with 70-300 lens.