Monday, June 15, 2009

If The Glove Fits...

G'day Nature Lovers,
Last night I did a quick saunter, (?), around the house with the spotlight and came upon a Brushtail in a large tree near our house dam.

I was trying out the new camera's flash settings. Between taking a shot or two and checking the playback images, the possum disappeared. There was an old nest box nearby which I'd erected several seasons ago for a pair of Wood Ducks. In the last few years I'd noticed a pair of Crimson Rosellas using this particular box too.

After waiting a short while a nose appeared at the entrance hole and then out came the head.

It seems ducks parrots and possums are all quite happy to use the same abode. Pretty obvious I suppose - a hollow is just a hollow after all!


  1. Oh that's a lovely story Gouldiae - and nicely illustrated as well!

  2. Very smart possum! I gather the new camera works well with the flash too.

  3. Thanks Barbara.
    Yes Mick, quite happy with it. I have to admit that last night I really just used 'auto' settings basically. It was bitterly cold out there and I wasn't in the mood for waiting too long.

  4. Congratulations on the new camera, Gouldiae!

    That's another one of your great possum posts :D

  5. Hi Gouldiae.
    I've been busy for a few days, so I have just caught up with your blog (and new camera).
    Flash effect is pretty impressive. Well done.

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