Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Four in One.

This morning was cold and foggy and I had to go in to town early so, I took the camera and decided to do some warming up laps of the wetlands. The light was terrible and there was still a fair bit of fog about so I wasn't really thinking of seeing much to photograph. However, as I got near the second bridge, some movement in a 'flowering gum' caught my eye. One of the birds emerged toward an outer clump of flowers and revealed itself as a Yellow-faced Honeyeater.

I could see another bird working its way to a spot I could see, and it revealed itself as an Eastern Spinebill.

There was further movement within the foliage and although I was beginning to get cold again, I waited a little while and got a White-plumed Honeyeater.

This was great fun, and there was something else working its way toward me too. Turned out to be a White-naped Honeyeater. This one wouldn't sit still long enough for a decent picture though. Then they decided the show was over and a dozen birds flew out all together.

I don't ever recall seeing 4 species of honeyeater in the one tree at the same time.

I was too cold by now to stand there and wait for them to return. I could hear the spinebill calling nearby, so I'm guessing they would have returned for a top up at some stage.



  1. Definitely worth standing around in the cold to see and photograph that number of honeyeaters all in the same place! Nice photos!

  2. G'day Gouldiae!
    Nice catch :)
    Of the three species on the photos I've only seen the Eastern Spinebill. And it's quite rare, I think, to spot them all in the same tree.

  3. Nice post. nice few minutes of birding

  4. G'day Denis, Nickolay and Mick,
    Yes, think I was a bit lucky. I might try and organise some re-visits in the next few mornings though. Gotta try and get a shot of the white-naped. Besides, it was nice to see such a congregation.