Friday, May 1, 2009

Something Different

G'day All,
A dear friend frequently emails me with any number of humorous tales and photographs. Kevin is something of a wordsmith with a singular sense of humour. His emails often delay me from reading my blog list each morning.

This time however, he has forwarded some interesting bird pics from one of his email contacts in the USA...

The lady lives in Louisiana. Apparently her place is located in the migratory flypath for these delightful little birds and she started putting out some nectar solution for them. It wasn't too long before they became so accustomed to her, they were happy to hand feed.

I know, I know. Hand feeding of wild birds should not be encouraged but you've got to admit, they are delightful.

Nice one KH, thanks.


  1. Absolutely delightful! And rather unusual I would think. I found (when on a visit to the USA) that they wouldn't even come near the feeder unless I was right back at the house.

  2. Oh, they're gorgeous. Agree about the feeding but ... oh, they're gorgeous!

  3. Good day, Gouldiae!
    This is unbelievable!
    Do you know if the guy with the red neck is of different species?

  4. G'day All,
    Glad you agree.
    I don't know my Hummingbirds Nickolay, sorry, bit of research needed for that one.