Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grey Skies

G'day Bloggers,
I thought of heading this entry, 'Promises, Promises', for that seems all the weather bureau is able to give us lately, or for ages really. (Ah, this is the blog for great sentence construction).

Despite the encouraging forecasts and approaching clouds, we still can't get any precipitation. Situation normal - cold and dry.

Incidentally, that small 'stacky' mountain on the horizon to the left is Ben Cruachan.

I think I've got enough wood in the shed for the rest of this winter, but from time to time I top things up. I was doing that yesterday and within minutes had a visitor.

The Grey Butcherbird is certainly a more cheery episode than the grey sky.


  1. Butcherbirds are so inquisitive! Nice photos. btw - you are welcome to share our rain. We didn't get floods the way the rest of the SE did last week but everything is still muddy and lots of puddles around.

  2. G'day Mick,
    Don't worry, we look enviously at your weather patterns up there. I guess one day we'll be whinging about how wet it is.
    Yeah, I look the 'butchers' - beautiful call too.

  3. G'day Gouldiae!
    It's funny how my personal experiences with Butcherbirds differ so much. I always hear or see them very high up in the tree tops where they look like little grey balls.
    May be I should carry an axe and chop some wood the next time or do something even more interesting to attract their attention and interest :D

  4. G'day Nickolay,
    Yeah, that is odd. Most butchers here are scanning the ground from lower limbs, stumps and fence posts etc. Try making a noise like a chainsaw!

  5. G'day Gouldiae the last photo almost reminds me of a little penguin apart from the beak.