Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trichosurus vulpecula

I couldn't spot the Tawny Frogmouth last night. I'd love to get a shot of the wide open mouth.

I did however come across a Brushtail Possum on the rose arbor. I have to walk through the arbor to get from the house to the 'computer room', so it wasn't too hard to pick it out.

In this next shot, the stain from the excretions of the scent gland is clearly visible on the chest.

It wasn't a bad size, I have seen bigger. I'm yet to get a nest box erected out the front for these guys. Not far away.

How about that scientific name? 'Furry tailed little fox' apparently. Seems apt.


  1. Very cute possum and lovely photos!

  2. Is he helping himself to the roses? It's lovely to have wildlife around the place. There's a few ringtails around here (inner west Melbourne) but they tend to stick to the parks. (Can't say I blame 'em)

  3. G'day Mick and Snail,
    Dunno about cute. I'd be happy to label a Ringtail as 'cute', but a brushy can be mean and aggressive. Yeah, Glen reckons he's nibbling any new rose shoots. I at least am happy enough with that - but I might have to conceal that comment. Nice to have him around.

  4. You are the Master of Spotlight photography, Gouldiae! And I reckon it's this blog where I've seen the cutest possum photos too!