Monday, April 20, 2009

A Bad Hair Day

G'day All,
The Gang Gangs have been down from the 'bush' for some weeks now. I will suddenly spring a couple from a tree on the golf course as I ride by. Really though, I'd almost forgotten they were here.

Yesterday I was given a gentle reminder of their presence when I was pulling some weeds in a small garden bed beneath a Bushy Yate in the front yard. I'd knelt on a seed pod from the tree several times and was uttering expletives, barely under my breath, and another one hit me on the shoulder. You may well laugh, but the yate seed pod is not inconsequential!

I realised immediately that it was probably from a Gang Gang.

They're a gorgeous bird with striking colours and markings in their plumage. When they are busy feeding, they will often allow you to approach quite close. This one was obviously not very perturbed at me bruising my knees below it.

He looked as though he was having a bad hair day, but he and his partner who was higher up, were quite enjoying themselves, as I did too until they'd had their fill and flew off and I returned to the weeds.


  1. Those with sore knees and sorely stricken hairlines surely shouldn't gang up on Gang-gangs' bad hair days.

  2. Any day I wake up with hair is a good hair day. :) Take care of those knees!

  3. Great shots of the Gang Gang feeding.
    Really well done.
    Wonderful birds.

  4. I wish I get a chance to see Gang Gangs in the wild too! They really look 'wonderful' as Denis has pointed out.
    Best regards