Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stop Carping!

It went something like this…
On Saturday, after the members had finished their event, I put out the hoses and sprinklers to start watering in earnest. Some greens in particular were beginning to look very thirsty.

When I had everything in position I headed for the pump-house to switch the water on. Suddenly there were lots of different noises and very little water. Hmmm, perhaps it needed to be re primed, something that happens every now and then.

I primed it and bled out any air locks several times to no effect. Hmmm, I wonder if Ken, the ex pump whiz, has left the clubhouse yet.

We had a look together and re tried everything several times. There seemed to be nothing external untoward. Perhaps something internally, impeller, etc, has collapsed. Strewth, I’m looking at hand watering 18 greens for several days until the experts can fix it.

It was getting late, and I had to get some water onto several greens pretty quickly, so I set off with the tractor and tank, a hand held spotlight to find my way and a head torch. Ken went home and said he would start taking off the outer pump cover in the morning to see if anything was obviously wrong.

Next morning Ken got started pulling the pump down and I continued hand watering. I called by the pump shed to see how he was getting on. “Go home and get your camera”, he said.

I did, here’s the result…

A cheap fix at least, and we’d better get the foot valve cage replaced before it happens again! Thanks KF, I owe you.


  1. Carp diem! Every fish has its day!

  2. haha! I have had small creatures come out of the water supply (a few years ago before all the modern cleaning and chemicals were added I've better say!) but never that big!

  3. Seize the day indeed Tony. This one nearly seized the pump too!

  4. G'day Dave,
    I believe the fish was presented to the president who previously had gone into apoplexy, thinking about how much it was going to cost to repair/replace the pump.

  5. G'day Mick,
    Yep, yet another story of how carp are ruining our water ways.

  6. Ha! Had to laugh at the word verification for this one: "colera". Hope your water supply wasn't thus affected by the stinking carp! Yuk.