Monday, March 23, 2009


G’day Blogworld,
I had another brief encounter with a Ringtail last night. This little bloke was in a Mahogany Gum in our yard.

Thought I’d gather a few facts…
Pseudocheirus peregrinus = ‘false hand’.
Marsupial = rear their young in a pouch.
Nocturnal = active at night, (just like golf course greens staff!).
Herbivore = consumes leaves and blossoms.
Prehensile tail = adapted for grasping.
Syndactyl forefeet = a number of toes are joined.
Musk gland = distinctive odour.
Coprophagous = will consume their own faeces.

Enough already, this is beginning to detract somewhat.

Ringtails have adapted well to human habitation. They love our gardens, and given the opportunity will nest in roof cavities. They construct a nest of leaves and bark in a tree hollow or fork, or amongst dense vegetation. A family of Ringtails may have several nests or ‘dreys’ within its range. Somewhere I have a picture of a Ringtail’s head poking out from one of the parrot nest boxes – but of course I can’t find where I’ve ‘filed’ it right now.


  1. Lovely photograph. None around my garden or I'd be out at night to find them too!

  2. G'day Mick,
    Yeah, great little animals.

  3. Hi Gouldiae
    Interesting post.
    "Coprophagous" is a new word for my vocabulary. I know some politicians to whom that might apply - but I won't spoil you blog by going on about them.

  4. G'day Denis,
    Now, now. You never know who may be watching!