Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heyfield Birdwatchers, March 2009

On Sunday, seven passionate birdwatchers set off from Stratford on a dull grey, but thankfully calm morning.

At Marlay Point, the yachts had gone and the terns and gulls had taken over the jetty and posts. Duncan was able to tell us that there were three tern species present – Littles, Commons and Cresteds, and there were Silver Gulls and Pacific Gulls among them.

In the Clydebank Morass, the water level had risen since earlier in the week and much of the mud flat was covered. Most of us though had some wonderful sightings of Golden-headed Cisticolas as they clung to the tops of the Phragmites.

After a coffee break we headed for the Heart Morass. Part of this morass is on private property and we had to be content with seeing some unidentified waders in the far distance.

Lunch was at the Lake Guyatt car park in Sale. Latham’s Snipe, and Black Fronted Dotterels were present, but the Cape Barren Geese and a nice group of Spoonbills that had been seen a day or two previously were not there.

We did get an unexpected tour of the Sale Powder Magazine though – thanks Val. It deserves a blog entry of its own so more later, when time permits.

The final locality for the day was Dowd’s Morass and again the birds were quiet. The most frequent sighting here were campers! Duncan had detoured to another corner of this reserve to get some photos of his beloved odonata. Once he’d caught up with us again, we called it a day and headed home.


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  1. It sounds like a nice day - and a good list of birds too.