Saturday, March 28, 2009


G’day All,
We tend not to get too many grasshoppers around here most of the time. I recall a couple of seasons ago we had an infestation that didn’t do any damage, it’s just that on the greens, the golfers had to brush them aside before putting. They were quite small, unlike this bloke I came across yesterday.

As far as I can work out, it’s a Spur Throated Locust, but I’m happy to be put straight. Most of the characteristics seem to fit, except the distribution map says it’s a few thousand kilometres too far south! It might have been used to warmer climes, as it was very obliging, (sluggish?), for my camera.



  1. You certainly have a great variety of 'creatures' on the golf course. Beautifully photographed grasshopper!

  2. Great series G. Can't help with ID but you've been seeing some great stuff in Gippsland so anything's possible :)