Sunday, March 15, 2009


In desperation for something to blog, I managed to get some shots of part of the golf course Chough family trying to join the members inside the clubhouse.

We have a couple of persistent Mudlarks at home that constantly check their reflections in our windows, and I’ve seen Blue Wrens do the same on car windows and rear view mirrors, but Choughs is a first for me.

I’ve had the Choughs allow me to get quite close at times in the bush. Particularly when they are moving in a feeding group across the ground, If I can position myself ahead of them and remain pretty still, they can get very near without disturbance.

This small group however are happy enough to approach human habitation on their own accord. I haven’t got a shot from the inside yet – something to work on.

They’re one of my favourite bush birds with their sociable characteristics and beautifully mournful downward whistle. Most of my fellow golf club members haven’t heard of the name ‘Chough’. Some correctly call them Jays, which is an alternative name. Many reckon they are ‘crows’, others have never seen them before!


  1. Hi Gouldiae, they may be common for you but I haven't seen them up here - so this was a very interesting post for me. I guess if I spent a little time further from the coast I would see different species - but I still have so much to find right here!

  2. G'day Mick,
    You're right, up your way they are probably more inland. You do indeed get lots of different species in your area. Your great photos and write ups make for good reading down here, I assure you.

  3. I'm sure you were "chuffed" with the photos.

  4. Hi Gouldiae.They are one of my favourite birds, for their very active social life. Always up to something.
    Nice shot of the red eye, too.

  5. Thanks Denis and Mosura.
    You've reminded me about how many ways the name is pronounced. I prefer 'choff' as in cough rather than 'chuff' as in enough. Choff and chuff are better than 'cho' as in though or 'chow' as in...etc!