Sunday, February 8, 2009

Follow Up

G'day Again,
Here's a bit of a postscript to the previous entry.

Earlier in the day, the signs were there. The queuing at the water bowls was a good measure of what was to come.

(Wouldn't be too hard to caption this one, Tony)

The humidity was extremely low and it was obvious then, the fire index was skyrocketing.

I decided to add some supplementary water bowls and pretty soon these were occupied too.

Halfway through the afternoon, the sun began to disappear - time to put the camera away and get busy.

This morning, the sky is still very smoky. The cool southerly wind is pushing smoke from the Churchill fire over us. Just a gentle reminder that it's not all over, particularly for other poor individuals.

The golf course came through last night's wind storm very well. I'm amazed that there are no large trees or limbs down. Plenty of debris on the greens to make putting a bit tricky.

The black bits in the above picture are scorched leaves from probably several of the fires.

Gotta go. Haven't checked the news sites for a while. Better check local radio too, to see how they are getting on down Churchill way.


  1. I'm sure the birds were glad of the extra water you put out. They look to be in considerable discomfort. I wonder if any birds survived the fires.

  2. G'day Mick,
    That is always something I think about. Duncan and I headed for the hills after the Alpine fires a couple of years ago. There were tiny gullies untouched and a surprising number of birds, even ground dwellers - Lyrebirds and Quail Thrush. There would have to be some demise of the population though.

  3. Birds are so lucky to have you, Gouldiae!

  4. Hi Gouldiae
    Dramatic sky shots.
    The fires have been horrible, up in the tall timber country.
    Nice to have you looking after the birds, and the golf course.

  5. Its amazing how quick the birds find water.Hope the fires are out soon.