Thursday, February 19, 2009

Colour On The Course

G'day Blogworld,
We have some 'flowering gums' in full bloom at present. At various times through the day you can hear them in full flower - bees humming, lorikeets squabbling and the odd golfer cursing as their ball rolls underneath!

Some of the trees have quite pale blossom, but there is a couple that have almost scarlet flowers.

I caught a glimpse of a pair of Gang-gangs in a Bushy Yate yesterday as I roared past, and there are several Straw-necked Ibis with very iridescent sides strutting the fairways at present. I'll try for a picture later today hopefully.

Anyway, daylight has arrived, better go. Just before I put the boots on, number two daughter presented us with grand child number three yesterday - Charley Rose, a sister for Matthew - both well. I'll be checking her out on Friday.

Oh, and I've just become a centenarian - my 100th blog!


  1. Congrats are in order for the special celebrations - and the flowers are a very nice way to do it.

  2. Well done, ton-upper! If there were such a word, you could be a centurialist, but in fact you're a centurion: no centenarian claims for a letter from the Queen for you yet ;-)

  3. With all these developments I'm gonna start calling you grandpa. ;-)

  4. Thanks Mick.

    At the end of most days I feel like a centenarian Tony.

    I suppose I had something to do with it a long time ago DF - I don't recall!


  5. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! :)
    Great news, great photos and a very enjoyable blog to read.
    Keep up the good work, Gouldiae!

  6. Hi Gouldiae
    Congratulations on the new grandchild, and the 100th blog milestone. Its very satisfying ticking over various milestones like that. Shows you have stickability!
    Nice Lorikeets on the pink Flowering Gum. I like the Muskies. Not taking over as the Rainbows are.

  7. Thanks Denis,
    I like the musks too. A small colony of them seem to be almost permanent around here.

    Ta Nickolay,
    Wish I could take pics as good as yours though!

  8. Thanks for the nice compliment, Gouldiae!
    Technically my photos might be a bit crisper, but that's because I shoot with a better camera.
    But the emotional imapact of yours and mine is the same, cause we both love our subjects.

  9. Thanks Neil.
    No worries Nickolay, credit given where credit due.