Sunday, February 15, 2009

At Last...

... a day out with DF and some birds!

G'day Dear Readers,
After checking out Lake Reeve from Seaspray to Loch Sport for waders yesterday, Duncan and I called in to Lake Guyatt at Sale on the way home. This small artificial lake virtually surrounded by the town, seems to produce something of interest almost every visit.

This small flock contained Lapwings, Snipe, Pelicans, Spoonbills, Gulls, Egrets, Ducks ...

I thought I might include a further two shots that tell a small story...

Back at the car park I was engaged with a Raven...

It was wonderful to be out and about after the recent nasty weather event.



  1. Did Duncan really spook all those birds or was it something external? Interesting to have Snipe in a flock like that.

  2. It only takes one nervous bird to send a flock into the air Mick, that's what happened there. The snipe were in the long vegetation by the way, lots of them.

  3. G'day Mick,
    I think it was something he said, or was that after they flew?

  4. Nice catch of Duncan arms akimbo. Not a word I get many chances to use.

    How was the icecream?

  5. G'day Tony,
    We didn't indulge in ice creams this time. Went back to DF's for a welcome cuppa.

  6. Hi Gouldiae,
    Nice post of Duncan looking glamorous out on the mud flats.
    I reckon it was the sight of his knees which spooked the birds.
    The Thompson River in Queensland is flooding and also the Diamantina. Please see my post for a query about monitoring your Pelicans for movement away to breed at Lake Eyre in a months time.