Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wolf Spider

Yesterday I got stuck into a little bit of weed pulling in the garden, (think I just heard – “About time too”, in the background).

In the process I came across this gorgeous female Wolf Spider attached to her egg sac. (Really Mick, she is attractive). By the time I’d got the camera, she’d detached herself from the egg sac and moved away from it.

(Note: This is actually a Shield Spider, not a Wolf Spider. Mosura, see comments, has put me right. I think the rest of this entry is correct).

Wolf Spiders are great hunters with excellent eyesight, and they can move rapidly across the ground. They don’t spin a web, but live in a burrow in the ground. Their toxicity is fairly mild.

Last season, I got the picture below of a male that dashed away from the mower when I was cutting the grass. He was relatively large, with a body about the size of a twenty cent piece.

Isn’t it amazing what weeding the garden and mowing the grass can lead to?



  1. Aren't you being a good boy Gouldiae! You must feel very virtuous.;-)

  2. I think I prefer the term 'fascinating' over 'attractive' :-)

    Looks rather like this one

  3. Hi Gouldiae
    Nice work to spot the Wolf Spider carrying her egg sac along. Shame you could not grab the camera in time for that shot. Still you got the spider.
    Very reddish, but maybe that's the lighting effects.

  4. Was she hiding amid the reddishes?

  5. G'day DF, Mosura, DW and TT.
    Yep Mosura, looks just like a Shield Spider. Thanks for the heads up.
    She ran from her hiding place as I disturbed the weeds and I just caught her as she passed over her egg sac and looked like it was attached to her. It was right beside the place I'd nearly mowed the Wolf Spider down last season!
    (Gotta do me research more thoroughly)