Friday, November 28, 2008

Look, What's That...

…up there near the top of that precipitous rocky cliff face?

No, not the Peregrine Falcon chick.

There, look, through those brambles.

I think it’s that old guy who has a 105 year old mother in law!

Yeah, it’s only Duncan. Onya DF, hows the hip?

PS: As I'm about to upload this, the rain on the roof is deafening - oh bliss!


  1. Beautiful country! No wonder Duncan has his camera out!

  2. Obviously a great outing, and a nice spot.
    Good to see DF in the wild, away from worrying about hackers!

  3. G'day Mick and Denis,
    Yes, we had a good time. I think we'd both love to be out and about all day every day, but...

  4. Good one Gouldiae! Beautiful rain last night, another 23.5 mm. Funny about the hip/back, when I was making my way down my feet shot from under me and I came down hard on my rear end. Must have jarred something into place, I've been a lot better since. :-)

  5. G'day DF,
    Yes, tipped out 30+ over here - even some puddles on fairways this morning.
    Good news for the hip and back! Solution - climb some cliffs every day?

  6. More pictures of the falcon and less of Duncan. :) Just joshing!Nice shots!