Wednesday, October 8, 2008

They've Moved In!

Busy, busy , busy here at present. Watering and mowing flat out - special event on this weekend. I had some time yesterday though, to do a quick monitor of the nest boxes. Five out of six had occupants. I'm pretty happy with that ratio. I'll keep an eye on box 6 too, as I did see a pair taking a lot of interest earlier in the season.

Also enjoyed showing our 2 year old grandson one of the boxes just as one of the females ducked out. Much giggling, gabbling and hand clapping - just like his grandad some would say.


  1. That's fantastic news. My solitary box is still sitting empty although there was a pair of Green Rosellas sitting opposite it a week ago.

  2. Terrific result Gouldiae, well done!

  3. Great news, Gouldiae! I was telling a friend of mine last week about your nesting boxes and your blog... and I was wondering how they were going.
    I'm very glad that couples moved in already. Did they bring a lot of furniture?

  4. Happy days are here again.....
    Sounds like a song, doesn't it?

    Well done Gouldiae. Your Easterns are very domesticated. I would have to say. I look forward to future postings of the babies learning to fly, etc.

  5. Thanks All,
    (Including Mick - I accidentally deleted your comment, sorry). I'll just keep passing by every day or two and 'talk' to the occupants as I approach. If any of the golfers see me doing this, I may get some weird looks.