Friday, October 10, 2008

Take A 'Butchers' At This

Yesterday, Duncan and I participated in a special day involving some local schools at the morass near Sale. Our role was to support some others in educating the children in regard to the wetland bird species present. Duncan has blogged the day here.

Don Ripper from Central Gippsland Bird Studies was present, and gave the children an outline of how netting, banding and recording birds helped to give a picture of the movement of particular species in the district.

Don managed to net 4 birds for the day, and on two occasions was able to demonstrate the banding and recording procedures to the children. I was impressed with Don's equanimity whilst under fire - a Crimson Rosella took considerable liking to his finger at one stage. Both Don and the bird survived.

The capture of a juvenile Grey Butcherbird was an excellent opportunity to show the children a close up of one of our favourite bush birds. They were impressed with the beak!

Duncan's right, it was a bit of a tiring day in a way, but oh so rewarding.


  1. Excellent! I hope the kids find your photos of the day.

  2. Guess it's a cause you'd shed blood for too?

  3. Oh so familiar stories,k there Gouldiae. I grew up bird-banding, assisting my father.
    It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the fine details of birds. And to know the power of a Rosella's beak, or a Currawong's claws.
    Great catch with the Butcherbird.

  4. How fascinating !!

    I am shortly to take part in a bird banding exercise in SW WA. I have never seen such a thing, so I am keen to participate and learn all I can.

    Well done.