Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glad I Did

G'day Blogworld,
Yesterday I snuck away from watering and mowing, while the lady members were playing their weekly event. I'm glad I did.

I could only spare a couple of hours, so I drove up the Seaton road for a short look on the roadside for any interesting vegetation or birds. After dodging the descending log trucks, I pulled up in a safe spot and began to explore. It was nice to hear the birds and to see some mountain bush.

All the while, a small family of Pied Currawongs hopped from tree to tree and kept a wary eye on what I was up to.

Here's some of the plants I found. Some I've recognised and named, others are unknown to me, so any suggestions would be great...

Common Apple-berry

Blue Dampiera

Heath Milkwort - (Thanks DF)

Heath Milkwort

Hop Bitter-pea.

Hop Bitter-pea.

This is just a small selection of what was in flower.

Suddenly it's daylight, I'd better move those sprinklers and fire up the mower.



  1. Gouldiae, the pink plant is Comesperma ericinum, the Heath Milkwort, the pea is probably Hop Bitter Pea, Daviesia latifolium, there is another, D. mimosoides that is also a likely candidate, one would need to have a closer look to make a definite identification

  2. Oops, meant Daviesia latifolia.

  3. I'm can't help with ID's but it's a wonderful collection of wildflowers.

  4. Glad you did, Gouldiae!
    Beautiful photos.

  5. Keep the beaut flowers flowing.

    When I get to be PM, logging trucks will have to give way to nature lovers.