Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Rant

G'day All,
Time for another rant.

Between showers, yes SHOWERS, yesterday, I ducked out to a bit of bush just near home.

It's not a particularly inspiring piece of habitat but it's worth an occasional check. Yesterday for example there was some of this Grevillea sp in flower on one side of the track.

However, on the other side was some of this....

As I loaded the rubbish into the back of the ute, I carefully checked for anything that might ID the culprit, but no luck. On the way home, the tip was closed for the day, so I took it to the golf course and lit one of our rubbish fires and tossed it on.

Mutter, mumble, mumble...


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Incomprehensible isn't it!

    On a lighter note:

    "I carefully checked for anything that might ID the culprit"

    Shades of 'Alice's Restaurant' there for anyone who remembers the song.

    Might have to call you officer Obie.

  3. Some people!
    Perhaps related to the Spammer who also tried to litter your blog.
    On behalf of the environment, thank you for cleaning up the rubbish.

  4. All those who pick up after the garbage tossers (noun and verb) are entitled to rant and rage. I'm thinking of altering my neglected Bigpond blog to something called Rants in my pants. Telstra would be an obvious prime target!

  5. Can we leagally shot these offenders? Please! As I see my city grow I see more and more offenses like that. It's really irritating.

  6. Thanks folks, glad we all seem to think alike. 'Garbage tossers' will be my new term for them, thanks Tony.