Saturday, September 13, 2008


G’day All,
Today dawned like a summers day. It was mild all night and early this morning the temperature was like a day in February or March. An early job was to top up the water bowls, and it didn’t take long for the local Musk Lorikeets to check it out.

The first lot had a bath and splashed most of the water from the bowl. I topped it up again and went for the camera. The second lot were just thirsty. Still, nice subjects.
Musk Lorikeets are pretty nomadic around these parts. We don’t see them all year round. They’re restricted to the south eastern coastal strip and highlands, the eastern half of Tasmania and the map says there’s a tiny population around Perth. They are a great addition to our garden birds.


  1. They're gorgeous. I would love to have them visit mine.

  2. Beauties! I only occasionally see them flying over although I am outside there normal range here so I can't complain. Up in Tamworth we'd get large flocks of them in the Callistemons one year and none the next.

  3. Oh, my favourite lorikeets. How nice.