Sunday, September 28, 2008

Juvenile Hawk

If you are a Victorian you would know that a particular sporting event took place in Melbourne yesterday. Let's face it, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know about it! Now I like a good game of aussie rules football, but the attention by all the media given to the grand final is a little over the top.

Anyway, in case you haven't heard, the underdog Hawks...

... defeated the previously almost invincible cats....

Come on fellas, it's a GAME of football - I guess you had to be there.

(Above images courtesy of the Herald Sun and The Age)

Had this particular cat been playing, (a good Heyfield boy), I wonder would the result have been any different? I can just imagine what the talk around my home town will be like this week.

Goodness, I've just realised that I've helped perpetuate the hype.

Anyway I predicted the result when I was given an omen just before the game started. (Some people who know me won't believe I was not in front of the television all afternoon. I do admit to taping the match though, just in case there were some good patches of skillful football).

Back to the omen and the true subject of this very convoluted entry.

I think it is a juvenile Black-shouldered Kite.

'Carn the Bombers'!


  1. Nice shots of the kite. What football? I must have been under a rock. Probably looking for snails.

  2. Nearing the end of its immaturity, given the white crown and lightening breast. Course, it could be a upset sighting of a young Letter-winged. Now that would be something to (s)kite about.
    Footy? Any birdo would be for a Hawk against a Cat!
    My Warriors dropped the ball :-(

  3. Those are great photos of the Kite. As to the rest - no comment!

  4. Hi Gouldiae.
    See you have upset some of the regulars. Naughty puns.
    Nice juvenile Kite though. Too early to be this year's model, surely.
    Hawks win upset the punters, but good for the bookies, presumably. Personally I have still not forgiven Jeff Kennett (for being himself), but that is another subject.

  5. G'day All,
    Yeah, I reckon a late juvenile Black-SHOULDERED Kite, not Black-winged, sorry. In another view, I got some vision of the white tipped feathers on the back and wings. We sometimes see a Letter-wing around here, but not often. Didn't see it fly.
    Jeff Kennett - yeah, well, let's not get political here hey?
    Football - I promise to TRY and not mention it again!