Thursday, September 18, 2008

Golf Course Trees #3

This wonderful Red Box, Eucalyptus polyanthemos, grows at the back of the 6th green, just near the men’s 7th tee.

At present it is just loaded with blossom, (I think ‘polyanthemos’ = many flowers). The nectar and insects are attracting numerous birds to the outer foliage. In the second image below, you may be able to make out an Olive-backed Oriole fuelling up early this morning. The Oriole’s beautiful mellow rolling call is one I listen for each season. To me it heralds the start of the arrival of the ‘spring’ birds to this district.

This tree is a ‘multi trunker’, but most on the course are singles, some straight and others are quite distorted. The typical grey coloured box bark is persistent well up into the lower branches and has a beautiful red – tan colour just under the surface.

The red hard durable wood is used for fence posts and sleepers, and makes great firewood. There must have been a fair number of Red Box on this site before it was cleared for use as a golf course. There are lots of small heaps of old roots and lignotuber systems scattered through the bush. Tough on the chainsaw, but wonderful in the wood heater.


  1. Hope the members enjoy the trees too! Was the Oriole too shy?

  2. Hi Gouldiae
    I love the call of the Oriole - which you have desribed beautifully.

    Memories of my young days in Canberra come flooding back, from reading this post - Red Box trees and Orioles. Yes!

    Thank you.

  3. Beaut trees. Who needs GPS when you can records your flora and fauna by the "Green & Tee" method? :-)

  4. G'day T, D, M and M,
    I didn't have time to wait for the bird to move around to my side of the tree. I was on my way to the machinery shed to start some mowing. I'll get him one day. I'm hopeful of locating a nest. They construct a beautiful 'basket' nest.
    Thanks for visiting,