Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bushy Yate

The Bushy Yate is another of ‘my favourite trees’.

Eucalyptus lehmannii is endemic to Western Australia and is what’s called a mallee eucalypt – it has multiple trunks that come from an underground lignotuber.
The above picture is one of two specimens in our garden. There are 4 or 5 specimens on the golf course next door, where they’re perhaps not so popular with the golfers or the greens staff, as they tend to leave quite a mess on the ground.
The Bushy Yate is a favourite with me though, largely for its bird attracting qualities. The very different buds, flowers and fruit attract honeyeaters and cockatoos like a magnet.

All the buds in a cluster are joined together at their base and the green to yellow flowers that form in a ball shape can be 100mm in diameter.

The fruit formed is a hard knobbly, sometimes fist sized ball that are mower unfriendly but so attractive to Gang Gang Cockatoos, who can make short work of them.
When they are feeding, the Gang Gangs will let you get quite close for a picture. Just love that coppery colour on the female’s breast. When the flowers are producing nectar, the rowdy Rainbow Lorikeets are quick to move in and shoo away the musks, wattlebirds and miners.
The Bushy Yate is not particularly large or pleasantly shaped, but it goes into my favourites list quite readily. And, I’m happy enough to keep sharpening the mowers!


  1. Never seen that one before. Interesting how the flowers/fruit form. I mostly grow Tasmanian natives but I could be tempted to have one of those as a specimen tree.

  2. My kids would glean the caps from the ground under the bushy yate in our garden, and other seeds etc, and pester me until I set them up with wood glue on a newspaper-covered table. Their imaginative creations gave them and me a lot of pleasure.

  3. Keep the lovely Gang Gangs, cut the gang mowers (and really narrow the fairways). Longer lawns also defeat nasties like bindi eye (Onehunga weed in NZ).
    Here's a new game: an anagram of the word verification letters: flex knit

  4. G'day Folks,
    Thanks for visiting. Yes Boobook, they would make wonderful 'gum nut' men etc. I taught with a chap once, an artist, who would make some little creation out of almost anything while he was talking with you for 5 minutes.
    Have a go Mosura, the birds really like them.
    Tony, we've got a rough cutter operator who goes too far. He takes all the wildflowers, interesting grasses, etc. I'm trying to suggest some consideration, but I have to keep remembering it IS a golf course, and it's not mine. Oh well!