Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trim, Tall and...

…Nodding, Helmet and Gnat.

On my way to Sale the other day via a pretty circuitous route, I chanced upon a little bit of remnant native bush that I mentally ticked as worth a revisit. I headed there today.

Just south of Rosedale, this little pocket of scrub is surrounded by pine plantation and has a small inviting gully running through. I saw and heard plenty of birds, the highlight probably being the flock of near 100 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos that flew out from some trees as I approached.

When I quickly looked previously, I thought there’d be a chance of some orchids and that was my priority today.

There were carpets of leaves and pretty soon I found some Gnats in flower, (Small – reniformis I think, but I’m willing to learn if you’d like to put me straight).

Down in the gully in the moss beds under the Paperbarks I spotted some Tall Greenhoods, (melagramma I’d say).

There were plenty of different leaves under there too, so I reckon a re-visit might go in the diary. As I started veering off back out of the gully I was on my knees at one point crawling under a fallen tree and came across a colony of Helmet leaves. A short search eventually rewarded me with a few flowers, (probably Slaty – incurvus).

There'd been some recent rain and some of the photos show tiny grains of sand and soil still stuck to the plants. I came across just one small colony of Trim Greenhoods, (concinna).

There were Nodding Greenhood colonies, (nutans), all over. Down in the gully they were quite tall, and up in the drier parts their stems were much shorter.

In the disturbed ground beside one of the pine plantations there was a bit of colour too. Plenty of Running Postman, (Kennedia prostrata), with a few flower heads – just a lovely wildflower.

Just as I was heading for the ute, a cold drink and piece of fruit, a flash of yellow among the young pines caught my eye, Showy Bossiaea, (Bossiaea cinerea), perhaps? I find the peas very hard to distinguish.

I had an enjoyable time. If I didn’t get the ID’s right, I apologise. Please correct me, it’s the best way for me to learn.


  1. Looks like a great day! That Helmet Orchid is pretty neat. I went looking for orchids yesterday but dipped out as usual.

  2. Love those colors. Fall is almost here and before you know it winter will be also.

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  4. Hi Gouldiae
    Lovely images, great plants too. All your names look right to me, but I am not familiar with that Corybas (Helmet) species. If in doubt I always go to Colin Rowan's "" He has wonderful Orchid photos, accurately named, and he is a Victorian. So if it grows in your area, Colin has probably photographed it.

    Good signs about the Eastern Rosella going to the nest box so quickly.