Friday, August 29, 2008

Looking Promising

G’day All,
A few days ago I finally got around to finishing and erecting 6 new parrot nest boxes – 3 in our garden and 3 on the golf course. I think I was just in time.

The three boxes in the garden have been checked by Eastern Rosellas already. I was hoping some Crimson Rosellas might have got a look in, as their numbers seemed to have declined since we moved here.

I was chain sawing some firewood to see us through to the last of winter, hopefully, and when I glanced up I caught this eastern checking out the nearest box.

I’m sorry for the quality of the images. I just grabbed the camera and fired from some distance. As the birds settle down and grow more accustomed to me being near, I hope to get some better shots.
Regards, Gouldiae


  1. Very interesting about the nesting boxes. Now that is something I would really like to have in my garden. I look forward to hearing more about them - and maybe you could tell a bit more about construction and siting, please.

  2. Fantastic! I've been meaning to get around to this. I had nest boxes in Scotland for Bluetits which were used every year.

    I wonder if I'm too late. Like Mick, I have questions.

    * Dimensions
    * Height above ground
    * Direction nest faces
    * Attachment to tree.

    Maybe if you have a chance you could do a seperate post on it :-)

  3. Hello again

    Well you've motivated me to hurry up and make a nest box. I used the information here as a guide. I just need to put the lid on and borrow a ladder so hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

    I was going to put roofing felt on the lid but non of the hardware shops here have even heard of it.

  4. G'day Mosura,
    Well done you. I hope you get some interest. Yeah, there's heaps of resources out there. I've got a small book 'Nestboxes for Australian Birds and Animals' somewhere. That was my starting point.
    I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on, and some pics!

  5. Well done, Gouldiae!
    I wish your boxes are home for many generations of happy young parrots!
    And I'm waiting for your future posts :)