Friday, August 15, 2008

A Cold Day Out

G’day Good Readers,
I had the opportunity yesterday, despite the chilling temperatures, to have a brief wander around a favourite little bit of open bushland – the Giffard Flora Reserve.

I wasn’t really in the mood. Apart from being cold, just as I got started and was pushing through some head high scrub, a spindly branch sprung back and hit me quite hard in the face. I retired to the ute only being able to see from one eye. I was about to return home and thought I’d break out the thermos and biscuits first and then see how I felt.

While having the cuppa, the eye came good, sort of, then I spotted a flash of red under some nearby bracken. I got down on my hands and knees, and with one good eye and the other one a bit watery, I came across a small Common Correa. This lifted my spirits a little and I decided to stay and look around a bit longer.

I could see plenty of orchid leaves, but none with stems or flower heads yet. Eventually I came across this lone Nodding Greenhood amongst a good number of Mosquito Orchid leaves.

The wildflowers were a little scarce really, but I reckon next month there should be some action. I did come across this fascinating little Lichen ‘forest’.

This specimen intrigued me. A quick look through my fungi field guide failed to come up with an ID. It was quite large, probably 200mm to 300mm across and about 150mm high. Its texture was quite fleshy, or even ‘rubbery’. I’ll have to do some more research.
(Cladia retipora - Snow Lichen. Thanks Mosura)

On the way home, I stopped beside a pine plantation. On the way down I’d noticed a flash of pink as I passed this point. Sure enough, the Pink Beard Heath was in the process of changing from bud, (pink), to flower, (white), - very attractive. Some of the flower heads were barely 2mm across.

The pine plantations are often good places to find some different fungi. This healthy specimen of Rainbow Fungus, (I hope), was attached to a previously harvested pine stump.

It was time to get back home by the fire. It started to rain, my eye was stinging and it was still bloomin’ cold. An uncomfortable day, but fruitful. I’ll just have to wait a bit for the weather to turn. That might encourage the flowers to do their thing.



  1. So it turned out not a bad day it seems. I went for a short walk yesterday. Slipped in the mud and took a heavy fall, cut my leg on wire walking through a gate and then it started raining, ( no serious injuries) I came back and finished writing my emu post instead :-)

    Photo #5 looks like the Coral Lichen (Cladia retipora) - there's a lot of that around here,

  2. G'day Mosura,
    Thanks, it sure looks like Cladia retipora to me. The common name Snow Lichen is fitting too.

  3. Hi Gouldiae
    Glad you persevered in the cold. You were well rewarded. Our Beard-Heaths have been in flower for about 2 weeks now - on the sanstrone plateau country. Lovely flowers, many with sweet perfume too. They look amazing through a 10power hand lens.

  4. I'm glad for the sake of your blog readers that you did not give up and go home because the photos are great. Thanks!