Sunday, August 31, 2008

Around Rosedale

Rosedale is just a half hour drive south from home, and the landscape is quite different. Just south of the Latrobe River, the fertile floodplain dairying country gives way to sandy remnant coastal dune landscape.

Yesterday Duncan and I headed that way to explore a couple of pieces of bushland that as yet have not been taken over by pine plantations. I managed to find him plenty of orchid leaves, a few orchids and heaps of birds. I even got me a ‘firster’, the Bassian or White’s Thrush!

After lunch we headed for the nearby Holey Plains State Park. We thought we might have found an early flowering of the rather rare Wellington Mint Bush, but there was no sign of it yet. If we get it later in the season, I’m sure one or other of us will tell you its story. I found one plant of Sticky, (or Stinky), Boronia, Boronia anemonifolia, that was in flower. Not a particularly good example of this odoriferous plant, but I’m sure we’ll get some better ones soon.

The Grass Trees, Xanthorrea australis, are always great to see in this park. They’re such a stunning variation to the banksias and eucalypts. This one didn’t have a flower stem. I just liked the way the twisted trunk in the background framed it.

At the Merrimans Creek picnic ground, the creek looked in wonderful condition. I’m certain that Duncan’s contemplative look was in reference to Mother Nature’s handiwork and nothing more sinister.
We had a beaut day in a couple of spots that will need re checking from time to time, and I think I know a couple of old blokes that might be up for that.


  1. Great pics. I'm hoping to see Bassian thrush at my place one day. I've seen them in the adjoining bush before.

  2. Thanks Mosura,
    Yeah, always good to get a firster. The bit of bush where I saw it was new to us, so I've got to go back for a more thorough check and maybe I'll get him again.

  3. Photo title -- "Goodbye cruel world"

  4. A great day out by the sounds of it. I especially liked the photo of the grass tree - the name you gave is a different species from what we have up here.

  5. Counting on you for thrush pic since I don't these days get up to the Tablelands for views.

  6. That's putting the pressure on, Tony. They might be a bit too shy and quick for me, but, you never know.
    Don't rely on me to get an ID right, Mick. I think australis is the one down here. The one in the pic does have a small trunk - I cropped it out . Up your way, is it resinosa?