Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning Cuppa

G’day All,
Yesterday started out frosty, -2 degrees in fact. Usually means a nice day will eventuate, and it did. Late in the morning I reckoned I had about an hour before hitting off the first tee. The sun was streaming in onto the front deck, so I figured a cuppa and a read of the paper, even though it was 2 days old, would just be fine. Here’s how I reckon it went….

Me, to self – “This is going to be nice.”

Rainbow 1 – “Look, there he is. You scream from your tree, and I’ll do the same from here, and he might put some seed in the tray.”

Rainbow 2 – “That sounds like a good idea, are you ready? Go!”


Me, to self (barely) – “Alright, ALRIGHT, I’ll get you some seed”.

Rainbow 1 – “See, works every time. Now, just pose for a bit while he gets a picture, and then we can have a good feed and get out of here.”

Speaking of rainbows, we’ve had one or two lately, not accompanied by much rain though unfortunately.


PS: Get well soon DF.


  1. Great conversations you have with your birds! Must listen more closely to the ones in my back yard. re the rain - I think 140 mm over the last two days is a bit excessive so please help yourself from up here!

  2. LOL - cheeky aren't they, Gouldiae!

    I haven't seen Rainbows here for over 4 years, but I have a small flock of Red-rumped or Grass Parrots roosting in one of my cyprus near the house. The evening squabbles over who's roosting where and general chatter amuses me greatly. More males than females, I've noticed.

    I second your - Get well soon DF.

  3. Rainbows and rainbows. Very artistic, Gouldiae.
    They can be really bossy, can't they? But, so bright and colourful, though.
    I remember growing up in Melbourne and the local piest, a birdwatcher, reported the first ever sighting of a rainbow lorikeet in the region. Now they are everywhere, down there. Bit like rats, really. Colourful rats, which are taking over, to the detriment of other Parrots, and other hollow-nesting birds.
    I do not get them in Robertson, as we have no gum trees in the local area (rainforest, not Eucalypt forest). But even in the sandstone countery just 5Km away, which is all Eucalypt fores, still no Rainbows. They seem to stick to the coastal strip, in this area.

  4. Loved the dialogue! smart birds, yes?
    And your photos are superb--thanks for sharing.
    Happy Friday.

  5. Sorry about the silly typos. "local priest who was a birdwatcher", and "Eucalypt forest" - of course.

  6. G'day Folks,
    Thanks for the comments. Yes, they can be bossy, but I like to think endearingly so. There is a good number of them on the course next door. Along with the Musks, they could be classed as rowdy when they are 'fuelling up' in the evenings.
    I remember as a kid, that around here they were really just migrants. Now there has to be a certain permanent population.