Sunday, July 6, 2008

Minus 3 Degrees, (Celsius)

Yeah, alright Dave, I know that isn't very cold for where you come from, but it's not bad for us southern hemispherians(?).

Ros's windscreen.

Front lawn.

The greens next door couldn't be mowed until the frost had thawed. The slick tyres on the mower means there is no grip, and the reels don't cut properly.

Just checking.

View from the mower.

Still, it usually means a nice day follows, as was the case.

Reflections in the dam.

Wattle in bloom.

We've been in the grip of a weather pattern that brought cold air up from the Antarctic regions for the last week or two. Now a big slow moving high is sitting over us, so we're hoping for a few days of settled weather.



  1. So that's why I felt so flamin' cold this morning.

  2. Beaut photo of the dam Gouldiae but I wonder how cold the water was!

  3. 'Long Johns' DF? Don't think so.
    Mick, in a word, bloody!

  4. You had to let the frost thawl before you cold mow the greens. LOL! We're in full summer right now. But when it's turning spring, our Palmer Golf Course shovels the green so you can play. I don't play golf, but have plenty of buddies that do. Love that reflection shot!