Monday, July 14, 2008

How Sad?

G'day All,
How sad is it, when an authority needs to chain down the barbecue lids, the spatula, and even the heavy concrete based picnic bench seats?

These were taken, (?), at a popular nearby picnic area. I sometimes despair for the human race!

Apologies for the rant. Anyone got some similar examples? Please don't tell me it just happens around here. (I hope 'Rant' doesn't become a popular Tag).


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  1. Hi Gouldiae. I read this post a little while back, but did not make the connection with my own story until you dropped by my blog today, and reminded me.
    I agree it is very disappointing when people steal tables and chairs which are serving the community, or damage public assets. Mindless vandalism seems so hard to understand. It is so futile. I was stunned to witness an "attack" in broad daylight on "The Big Potato" in Robertson, when a local committee has just spent a lot of money tidying the thing up, and adding new tables and chairs. Then a car load of kids turn up and start trying to kick in a newly closed over door.
    They don't even have a shame reflex, it seems. Just don't care.
    As you said, very sad.