Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally Some Fungi

Between the cold southerly blasts we've been having down here, Duncan and I grabbed the chance of a fine day yesterday to 'get out' and have a scrounge around.

We ended up in a corner of the Holey Plains State Park, that although we'd each been there at night, neither of us had seen in daylight before. Guess I'd better explain. At various times over the last few months, we'd each been to numerous sites with DSE and Parks Vic, helping with their owl survey project. The names of some of the tracks we traversed yesterday eventually rang some bells. It was good to see where we'd been!

Principally we were looking for birds and wildflowers, but it wasn't long before I glanced around and saw Duncan in his classic 'fungi position'.

We've noticed that the fungi have been fairly light on this year, probably due to some degree to the lack of decent rainfall around here.

I stumbled about in the bracken looking for flowers but could only find a couple of our early wattles in bloom - Sweet Wattle and Prickly Moses, (I hope).

Eventually I succumbed to D's enthusiasm for decomposer organisms, and discovered this delightful little example on the side of the track.

The sun was getting low and it was time to work our way out of the maze of tracks. We came across the gas plant pipeline that cuts through the park, and where the scrub is periodically slashed. This is often a good spot to find examples of plants with small stature or prostrate habit. Several heaths were in flower - always a delightful subject for the camera I reckon.

Then it was home for a cuppa by the fire.

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  1. Great photos Gouldiae. That's an unusual shaped cap on the fungi.