Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The White-winged Chough...

...is one of the iconic bird species in the drier forests of this area.

They are gregarious ground feeders. In groups of normally 5 to 10, but sometimes in much greater number, they amble across the forest floor searching for insects and seed in the litter.

Quite often their presence is first indicated by the beautiful, (to me anyway), mournful but mellow descending whistles.

Choughs build a bowl shaped mud nest and usually all members of the family group help to incubate the eggs and rear the fledglings.

This little group have been scouring the 'rough' between the fairways on the golf course next door for several days now.

Oh, you really only see the white under the wings when they fly.


  1. Nice one Gouldiae, you've described them well. One of my favourite birds.

  2. Those red eye's against the black feathers are awesome!

  3. Nice photo. Love that red eye.