Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There's a Cat on the Course!

I'm sure they're cat tracks.

I'll follow them a bit and see where they lead.

Yep, sure enough, and a big one too!

One of the consequences of having an attractive golf course carved mostly from bushland, is that eventually the tree roots encroach on to the fairways, greens and tees, denying them of large amounts of water. Periodically, the club has to get in a contractor to run a ripper down the sides of the fairways and around the greens and tees. Mostly this does not harm the trees. It is only the surface roots that are cut, and while some individual trees might decline for a while, they soon come back to life. Natural regeneration and some periodic planting efforts ensure good tree cover.

Next problem - we'll have to check how many water lines were severed!


  1. That made me gasp! At least your "cat" isn't black like ours is!

    They're up in the Grampians you know! Funny there are no reports of livestock losses - but they're up there. Trust me! :-)

  2. Yes JL, I've heard of 'the Grampians cat'. We get spasmodic reports of sightings down this way too - Loch Sport, Briagolong, etc. I hope the one on the golf course is the only one I come across!

  3. I bet that Cat would eat a lot of mice. :)